Building a better tomorrow starts with us.

My Green Earth™ ranches are educational centers focused on sustainability.

Located in Montana, United States, My Green Earth™ ranches are educational centers dedicated to sustainability and environmental research. Employees on the ranch work to research carbon sequestration, implement initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, and educate our customers, suppliers, and co-workers on Audia's progress.

My Green Earth™ also serves as the location for our startup, My Green Earth™ Beef, where we offer sustainably-raised, ultra-premium, grass-fed beef. To learn more, visit


We're committed to the greater good. That means offering products consumers use every day that make life better and working to build a more sustainable future.

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Community Support

At Audia, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. Whether through volunteering or charitable projects, we're inspired by helping to improve people's lives.

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