Four companies. One goal.

Joint Team is a collaborative effort of all Audia companies to volunteer and help our communities. It's an opportunity to give back to our community while also helping our commercial teams build sister company relationships.


Taking place at Audia's My Green Earth Ranches - Cabin Creek and Pfister, employees worked together to plant trees and grasses. As a result of their efforts, we planted 4,200 trees. 


The mission included roofing six picnic pavilions, constructing 40 picnic tables, and planting nearly 8,000 trees at Cross Creek Park in Washington County, Pennsylvania. One particular crew was tasked with preparing donated Christmas trees to become aquatic habitats.


The Audia companies worked together to plant 15,598 native trees and shrubs in Billings, Montana.


For the community near our plant in Frankfort, Kentucky we built pavilions and tables, and planted shrubs at Cove Spring Park.

Audia Caring Heritage Association

Assisting communities in need and improving their quality of life by providing medical equipment.

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Rough & Tumble, Smoke & Rope

A collaboration between Audia and Yellowstone Art Museum to bring the daily activities of a working ranch to light.

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