Together, let's make the world a better place.

As a global leader in the plastics industry, Audia’s vision is to build a more sustainable future through innovation, collaboration, and dedication to carbon footprint reduction. 

At Audia, we work together with our customers, suppliers, co-workers, and communities to execute on sustainable initiatives and increase awareness of related topics.

Audia’s culture of innovation drives our teams to work together with customers to develop solutions that are more sustainable for our world but don’t sacrifice performance.

Audia companies strive to lower operation costs without compromising natural and capital resources. Our teams are finding ways to run their manufacturing operations with less emissions and waste. With a goal to achieve zero-landfill waste. 

Reducing our carbon footprint is central to Audia’s sustainability efforts. We are leading the way in creative and scientific ways to achieve carbon neutrality. My Green Earth ranches near Shepherd, Montana, offer a rich opportunity for our team to research the effect that cropping and grazing have on the potential for ranch soils to sequester additional carbon.  

Our co-workers are actively engaged in our sustainability and community outreach projects. From planting trees to constructing park pavilions, we're committed to leading the effort to improve our global communities in conjunction with our research at My Green Earth™ ranches.

Through collaboration with customers, suppliers, co-workers, and communities, our teams execute on sustainable initiatives and increase environmental awareness. Let us know how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Although it may seem that sustainability is a new company value, when you look around Audia, you will find that sustainability has always been a part of our company DNA. We are just making it evident now.

Juan Carlos Cardenas
Global Sustainability Manager

Solutions Developed by Our Companies

One World, One Team

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My Green Earth™

Located in Montana, US, My Green Earth™ ranches are educational centers dedicated to sustainability and environmental research.

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Community Support

At Audia, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. Whether through volunteering or charitable projects, we're inspired by helping to improve people's lives.

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