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Mary Tisot: Product Development Engineer, USA

Mary Tisot

Product Development Engineer

Washington Penn

People here have a pretty strong sense of pride about where they work.  There are quite a number of people who have been working for Audia for decades.

I didn’t know much about the company before I was sent to an interview through the temp agency I was working for at the time.  During the interview process, I did quite a bit of research on the company and was excited at the possibility of working for a company with global influence.

I started in September of 2015 as a Technician in the Mechanical lab at Arden for Washington Penn, in Washington, PA.  I worked as a molder for about a year and a half, then as a testing technician for another year and a half.  Later, I was promoted to Testing Engineer in the Mechanical Lab. 

After a year, I was offered an Associate Product Development Engineer position with Audia Elastomers in Lafayette, GA and I relocated with my family in June of 2022.  I was promoted again in June of 2023 to Product Development Engineer.

With Audia Elastomers, I am excited to make a substantial impact as the company is still new.  There are challenges with that which make the days pretty exciting, and there are always opportunities to learn something new.   

I really admire the emphasis on safety.  I try to think about how I can do things more safely all the time, even outside of work.

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