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John LaRuffa: Quality & Engineering Manager, USA

John LaRuffa

Quality & Engineering Manager

Uniform Color

Coming from the United States Air Force with a chemical engineering background from Michigan State, I had no idea what the color industry was all about; it was all very new to me. I thought to myself, “do they color uniforms?” I quickly learned that was not the case!

One of the first things I immediately noticed about Uniform Color was the opportunity for employees to make a big impact and an openness to try new ideas. Whether good or bad, there was a willingness to test these ideas and learn through trial and error if they were worth implementing. The decisions employees make matter and the more effort they put into their job, the more they get to see the fruits of their labors.

Uniform Color has provided me with tremendous opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Early in my career, the company sent me to several leadership courses that helped me become the leader that I am today. Over the years, I have been given different career paths that have expanded my knowledge base and created new experiences.  I have then been afforded the opportunity to mentor others and share my knowledge with them for their development, continuing the cycle. 

Thinking back to 2006, when the recruiter first told me about Uniform Color and Audia – privately owned, strong opportunity for growth, great place to work and raise your family in Western Michigan – all those things are true. I believe in what we’re doing and I care about this organization. I want to see the company grow and personally help to continue that growth for years to come.

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