From 70+ years of experience in polypropylene and polyethylene compounding to world-class customer service, Washington Penn is dedicated to developing innovative and cost-effective technologies. Together, let’s formulate great.

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Primary Industries Served

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Building & Construction
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Other Industries

Capabilities & Solutions

Washington Penn's extensive experience in modifying polyolefins to create unique products bridges the cost and performance gaps between traditional engineering resins and commodity thermoplastics.

We offer many solutions which include but are not limited to:

  • Glass fiber and mineral reinforced solutions

  • Light weight and sustainable solutions

  • Functional additives (UV, scratch, flame retardant, etc.)

  • Engineered resin replacements

  • TPO products


Audia is more than a company, it is a family.  We are elite.  Our teams are not only concerned about the individual members, but also the wellness and success of those in our lives which is reflected in things such as our health benefits and the child 529 program.  Audia is completely invested in its members, and provides opportunities for advancement well beyond that of what would be considered a “typical” organization today. 

Jonathan Stiffy
Market Development Engineer, Washington Penn

Washington Penn Global Presence

As part of the Audia group of companies, Washington Penn and its sister companies work together to serve customers globally, collectively making them leaders in the thermoplastic market.

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Careers at Washington Penn

Start a rewarding career with Washington Penn - a global leader in manufacturing high-quality engineered polyolefin compounds.

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