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Dazhi Zhang, Former President of Shenzen Sunstar Enterprises Co. Ltd.

In 1996, I founded and solely managed Sunstar Enterprises. It was one of the earliest compounding companies dedicated to thermoplastic elastomers in China and developed new technologies. Our initial focus was working with customers in China but gradually began selling to multinational customers.  

When I met Washington Penn, an Audia company in 2012, we were working on projects together. From there, we continue to build a strong relationship that turned into a partnership and ultimately, resulted in an acquisition in 2018.  

As a small private company, Sunstar’s culture was heavily customer focused and although Audia is a bigger company, they not only share the same perspective, but have strong entrepreneurial leadership. Audia is growing globally and their employee retention is impressive.  

When I was running my own company, we put customers first, developed innovative technology, and had a clear advantage over our competitors. With Audia’s acquisition, they helped strengthen these areas even more. It has also been easier to find talent to build and expand our global sales network.

Today, I continue to work with Audia to consult. There is a lot of potential for the future, especially in Asia. I believe that what Audia is doing today will lead to very positive results. Audia is a great partner.

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