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Adam Penn: Associate Product Manager, USA

Meet Adam Penn

Associate Product Manager

Washington Penn

 Throughout my career with Washington Penn, I have gone through significant transitions. I started six years ago at the Arden Facility in Washington, Pennsylvania. I was a line operator working long days as a shift worker. Working in the plants is much different than working in a corporate environment, especially when working on the plant floor. Due to the long working hours, even on weekends and holidays, I became close knit with the people I worked alongside daily. They’re like my siblings; I can joke and talk to them when things are stressful.

I made my first career transition from the plant floor to the mechanical lab. There, I had to change my focus from producing pounds to getting technical details correct. I also had more freedom with a less structured schedule. Of course, with that freedom came more responsibility. I had to find my own groove and motivation because there was no one watching over me to see if I was keeping up. Even though the lab was more hands-off than the floor, I knew I could ask for help if I needed it. I also could count on people informing me of my mistakes so I could learn from them.

A little over two years ago, I moved up to the corporate office to work in the customer service department. I transitioned from working 12 hours to 8 hours a day. This changed everything including my eating habits, sleeping schedule, wardrobe, and even my speaking volume. At the plant, you get used to speaking loud which is not the best for an office environment.

Corporate has a different culture because different motivators and attitudes are needed to get through a mental work day versus a physical work day. Moving up to the Product Manager team was the biggest transition. The team is had more flexibility with increased work and responsibility. It’s very self-motivating and things change daily. You have to be adapatable and focused, learning what needs more attention and what needs less attention and I’m still adjusting. I look forward to what the future brings. vating, and things change daily. you have things to get done and surprise projects come up. You have to stay flexible and focused. learning what needs more attention and what needs less attention is difficult and I'm still adjusting.      

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